Pipe from your servers to the browser!

Tail your log files

tail -f access.log | curl --upload-file - https://webpipe.hyperngn.com/session/jFRdN96sp_RxpeKlJ6p2irC1JiMCUhNX5Ge03HiF2fI

View your logs in the browser here: https://webpipe.hyperngn.com/session/jFRdN96sp_RxpeKlJ6p2irC1JiMCUhNX5Ge03HiF2fI


Can someone else view my data?

The above URL has been generated just for you, it is 32 byte unique value and is guaranteed to be unique! However, if you send this URL to someone else, they too can view it, so share it responsibly!

How can I get a new token?

Just refresh the page to get a new token!

How much does it cost?

This is a free service, Please use it fairly.

How can improve this service?

Please create a PR on our repository❤️

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